The Group "Look, Move and Feel Better" Coaching Package
Where You're At
You have no real 'injuries', just maybe the odd minor niggle or ache.

You feel you need a good 'kick up the butt' to get back on track with a more healthy lifestyle so that you can burn fat, tone up and get back in shape.

You're more than happy to train with a small group of like minded people.
The problems you have right now
You've likely tried various different types of exercise and many different 'diets' but you can't seem to find anything that can provide you with lasting results.

You've tried training on your own but you find it hard to maintain a high level of motivation and you struggle to hold yourself accountable.
What you need help with right now
Right now you need help with establishing a regular training schedule to ensure you get your weekly exercise done.

You need some help and guidance on which foods are best to choose in order to serve your health and weight loss goals.

You need somebody in your corner to help guide the process and keep you on track when things get challenging and the good habits start to slip.
The programme that may suit you best is our Group Coaching Package
If the above sounds like you, our Group Coaching Sessions are exactly what you need to help get you back on track and keep you there.

Group session numbers are limited to ensure each person still gets the individual attention they need to ensure maximum results form each training session.

You'll also receive goal specific nutrition advice to not only boost your fat loss results but to also ensure maximum recovery from each training session so that you can show up to each training session feeling fit and strong.

Depending on your goals and where you are right now, we offer 6, 12 or 18 month options to suit your specific needs.
Support also includes
  • 3 Group Training Sessions per week
  • Goal Specific Nutrition Info
  • Exercise Info and Programmes for outside of your training sessions
  • Orthopedic Assessments to determine muscle imbalances and dysfunctions
  • Mobility Programme Specific to YOUR Orthopedic Profile
  • Bi-monthly Re-assessments
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