The Semi-Private "Look, Move and Feel Better" Coaching Package
Where You're At
Your pain and injuries (if any) tend to be brought on by certain activities - exercise, gardening or sitting to too long for example - rather than trauma or impact.

You've gotten out of shape and you're fed up with being overweight and having poor energy levels.

You're happy to train with a partner but you know you need a more individualised approach than a group training session would provide.
The problems you have right now
This has likely been going on for a while now. You've seen many different professionals and experts but nobody seems to be able to provide a lasting solution. You're able to go about your daily life but you know things could and should be better for you.

You've also likely tried various different types of exercise and many different 'diets' but you can't seem to find anything that you're able or willing to stick to long term. They're too restrictive and you just don't feel they give you the energy you need each day.
What you need help with right now
Right now you need help with establishing a regular training schedule to ensure you get your weekly exercise done.

You need a specific Stretching and Strengthening (Rehabilation) programme that can help address any muscle imbalance and dysfunctions that are leading to your pain and discomfort.

You need help and guidance on which foods are best to eat in order to serve your health and weight loss goals.

You need somebody in your corner to help guide the process and hold you accountable when things get challenging and the good habits start to slip.

You realise there is no quick-fix for health and that it's going to take time and effort but with the right input, you feel that things can get much better.
The programme that may suit you best is our Semi-Private Coaching Package
If the above sounds like you, our Semi-Private Coaching Package is exactly what you need to help get you out of pain and get your health back on track again.

Semi-Private session numbers are very limited to ensure you get the individual attention you need to ensure maximum results form each training session.

You'll also receive goal specific nutrition advice specific to you and your body type to not only boost your fat loss results but to also ensure maximum recovery from each training session so that you can show up to each training session feeling fit and strong.

Depending on your goals and where you are right now, we offer 6, 12 or 18 month options to suit your specific needs.
Support also includes
  • 3 Semi-Private Training Sessions per week
  • Weekly Group Mindset, Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching Session (where needed)
  • Individualised Nutrition Info Specific to YOUR Goals & Heart Rate Variability Results
  • Exercise Info and Programmes for outside of your training sessions
  • Monthly Heart Rate Variability Analysis
  • Full Orthopedic Assessments to determine muscle imbalances and dysfunctions
  • Mobility Programme Specific to YOUR Orthopedic Profile
  • Monthly Re-assessments
  • FREE Access to our Monthly 21/28 Day Challenges (where appropriate)
  • Guaranteed Results!
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